Pune City


Pune City is growing rapidly, it has also merged in several villages in its limits recently, so there is requirement of large scale infrastructure to be laid for the existing as well as within the new limits of Pune Municipal Corporation. Now the Pune Municipal Corporation is also planning for Metro Railways and Mono Railways in the city. Such all and other civic amenities / public infrastructure shall require large scale of funds. To enable speedy development a One Time Property Tax scheme can be introduced in the same fashion as RTO Tax of 15 years is being recovered on Purchase of New Vehicles, the similar type of scheme for payment of One Time Property Tax can be introduced and implemented.

Presently in Pune Municipal limits large scale Residential and Commercial Structures are being erected. Municipal Corporation levies tax on these properties and raises funds for its development activities. However, there is no 100% tax collection due to lack of proper entries of taxable properties, in adequate staff, negligence by Property Holders and proper infrastructure.

Municipal Corporation therefore, should make one time tax scheme applicable. Those citizen who can and are ready to pay tax in one lump sum, such thousands of citizen shall pay one time property tax. This will reduce paper work, staff, and time. It shall also facilitate the Property Holders from mental nuisance and unnecessary payment of interest on delayed tax payments.

Municipal Corporation shall receive in advance interest free huge funds for its speedy development of infrastructure and enabling to implementation of big projects like Metro Railways etc.

If such alternatives are provided thousands of citizen as well as Municipal Corporation shall be benefitted

Municipal Councilor, Pune Municipal Corporation