Pune City



It is a matter of satisfaction that Municipal Corporation has taken a decision to carry out the acquisition of land through a private company for High Capacity Mast Transit Roads proposed in the Development Plan of 1987 for avoiding traffic jams in Pune City. It is the first ever experiment of acquiring lands through privatisation for development works and every one is keenly watchful about the success thereof. Since 1982, the Congress Party has followed the concept of this ring road of 34 Km. length which is a matter of utmost intimacy for traffic in Pune City which got reflected in the Development Plan of 1987. Out of the total required land admeasuring 8,16,000 sq.mtrs., for this ring road, during approximately 20 years 2,50,650 sq.mtr. of land has come in possession of Municipal Corporation. It is definitely a matter of welcome to avail help of private machinery for taking possession of the remaining land. This will reduce the time and shall further save money. Budget of Municipal Corporation is adversely affected if this 34 Km. long ring road is constructed through the system of Public Private Partnership (PPP). Similarly if this work is done by differed payment system, still the possibility of big burden on the future budgets of Municipal Corporation remains in tact. Therefore development work of this ring road should be completed by utilising Development TDR as per the provisions of law as also under the Jawaharlal Nehru Scheme.

After completion of the 34 Km. long and 24 Mtr. wide proposed ring road, some 1 lac commuters shall travel daily through Mono Rail. As also more than 15 lac automobiles shall ply on this road every day. These facts emphasise the importance of this ring road. Out of the land required for this ring road some 16 Km. long area is shown to be from private owned properties and some 3.88 Km. long area shown to be from the land under control of Irrigation Department and Krishna Valley Development Corporation. Along with it some 5.40 Km. land is shown to be from the limits of Government and Semi Government Departments and some 2.60 Km. land is shown to be from the limits of Pune and Khadki Cantonments. So also slme 3.55 Km. long area is shown to be from Forest Department limits. For speedy possession of these lands with various departments, collective follow up with the Defence Department and Irrigation and Forest Department of State is necessary.

If the appropriate planning of these flyovers on the proposed ring road is made right now, it would be easy to solve the traffic problems of 50 years in future. More than 60 roads shall be connected to the main roads in the areas like Hadapsar, Pune Nagar Road, Sinhagad Hingane Khurd Road, Baner Road, Aundh through these flyovers and because of this arrangement the pressure of increasing traffic in ensuing 50 years can be successfully handled. The plan thereof is prepared by Engineering College, Pune in the year 1982.

Large development funds are required to be made available for this proposed ring road and flyovers for which follow up be made by submitting proposals to Jawaharlal Nehru Scheme Phase 2 and State Government for providing sumtuous financial aid and mainly time frame should be fixed for completion of this project so that these projects shall not be hit by growing prices. For raising funds, Development TDR and such other alternatives should also be considered therewith.

Municipal Councilor, Pune Municipal Corporation.