Pune City



At present Pune is not only responsible to make itself self sufficient in water but also to supply water to its adjoining districts, in fact of this fact Pune itself is facing water scarcity. On account of that Puneites are suffering heavily. It is learnt that to win over the said water scarcity 24 x 7 plan is also being considered, however, for completing the same is likely to take considerable time.
Considering the present water scarcity condition, if some speedy remedial actions are taken it can be definitely won over and would help in improving the present water scarcity condition. For that following remedial actions are being suggested.
1) To erect lakes of 1 T.M.C. capacity along with water purification plants around Pune and thereby increase water supply of Pune.
2) The present water distribution system in Pune City is laid prior to some fifty to sixty years and has become very old. It requires full change because of which water dripping in distribution system shall be stopped and it shall help in smooth water supply.
3) A proposal was prepared for supply of 3 T.M.C. water to Pune from Bhama Askhed Dam near Pune. This scheme has also been lingering due to the persistance of the Government to pay crores of rupees. If this scheme takes of some ten lac people residing in Eastern part of Pune City like Yeravada, Nagar Road etc., shall get the water. Immediate decision therefore, be taken on state level in respect of the said scheme.
4) Recycling project to process 6.5 T.M.C. water and pour it again in the river is undergoing. If this work is completed as early as possible, 6.5 T.M.C. water shall be recycled and poured again in the river which can be given for farming activities and additional water from Khadakwasla Dam shall be available for Pune.
5) It is compulsory for the concerned Society / Developer implementing projects having more than 125 ownership flats to provide for their own water processing recycling project. However, it is necessary to find as to whether in facts such projects are functioning in such places and they are functioning properly.
6) Work of laying 2500 mm diameter water line from Khadakwasla to Cantonment Water Center is undergoing. If this work is completed as early as possible then cantonment shall get water supply through closed pipes.
7) In the water supply center of Pune City there is sediment upto two to two and half feet height. The then Municipal Commissioner has suggested to remove this sediment through Robos. This work is undergoing at present at a very low speed. If this work is done earlier then the storage capacity of water purification center shall increase.
8) In the dam areas of Khadakwasla, Panshet, Warasgaon residential construction is being done at a large scale. It is necessary to put restriction thereon otherwise the drainagte water of this residential area is likely to be flown in the dam water. There should be some strict rules for residential constructions in the dam areas because of which the dam water shall not be polluted. It is therefore, necessary to prepare strict regulations / enactments with regard to the constructions in dam areas.
9) Sediment at a large scale is stored in all these three dams. It is necessary to consider at state level as to whether by using modern techniques it would be possible to remove the said sediment. Removal of sediment from all the three dams shall definitely help increasing the storage capacity of these dams.
10) There is large scope to erect small size ams in the water scare city zone such as Katraj, Yewalewadi, Jambulwadi etc. Which can take care of water supply to the concerned areas resulting in reduction of supply from Khadkwasala and other dams.
11) Regular removal of settlement soil from the Khadkwasala and other dams can enhanced their capacities which has been not done till date from their existence.
12) Utilizing the Gray Water for farming saving upto 08 T.M.C water from the dams.
13) To imply water meters to all the users in and around Pune.

Municipal Councilor, Pune Municipal Corporation.