Pune City


Out of 35 lac population of Pune City, some 40% to 42% citizen i.e. approximately 15 lac Puneits live in slums. There are 560 authorised slums in city out of which 110 slums are on the Government or semi government lands. Several amenities are provided by the Pune Municipal Corporation for the resident citizen thereat. Civic amenities like drinking water, public toilets, water taps, street lights, flooring, society temple, etc., are provided by the Municipal Corporation in such slums.

With the financial help of Central and State Government, various schemes were implemented for providing self owned free housing and upliftment of life style of the citizen hailing from meager income group residing in slums in the big cities. Continuous efforts were made for providing self owned free housing and upliftment of life style of the citizen residing in slums under various schemes like Walmiki-Ambedkar scheme, Slum Rehabilitation Scheme ( SRA), Basic Services for Urban Poor, (BSUP), Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Re-creation Movement (JNNURM), Internal hill top or Hill slope, Rehabilitation of slums in River, Nallah bed etc.,

Government of Maharashtra has made new regulations for implementation of Slum Rehabilitation Scheme (SRA). In accordance therewith some important provisions like providing free of cost 350 sq.ft. tenement to the slum dweller, consent of 70% slum dwellers, and rehabilitation at the same place are included therein. Thus an effort was made to make the said scheme practical by rehabilitating the slum dwellers at the same place and in lieu of constructing and allotting the tenements to the slum dwellers as aforesaid an arrangement for grant of enhanced TDR to the Developer (Building Professional) by the Municipal Corporation was provided for.

However, several difficulties had cropped up in implementing the Slum Rehabilitation Scheme in Pune City. Hence it is expected that a new slum rehabilitation scheme comes into existence and further discussions should also be held thereon. Under the current slum rehabilitation scheme the Development Rights Certificate is given to the Developer. In the newly proposed slum rehabilitation scheme, instead, it is provided that the development rights certificate be granted directly to the slum dwellers. All four concerned factors i.e. original plot holder, slum dweller, developer - builder and Municipal Corporation shall be sufficiently benefitted because of the newly proposed slum rehabilitation scheme and it shall provide valuable assistance for solving the slum problems in the city within a few years. SRA has accepted this scheme and has recommended to the State Government to form co-operative society and to see that this scheme takes its own course.

According to the newly proposed slum rehabilitation scheme, slum dweller in declared slums shall be granted 1:3 proportion Development Rights Certificate (DRC) instead of providing 350 square feet tenement at the same place meaning thereby that instead of offered 350 sq.ft. tenement a Development Rights Certificate (DRC) of 1050 sq.ft. shall be granted. Prevailing rate of the DRC in the market is approximately Rs. 3000/- per sq.ft. At that rate the market value of DRC with every slum dweller shall be more than Rupees 30 lacs and with the support of this DRC each slum dweller will be in a position to buy a house or flat upto the value of Rupees thirty lacs at any location in Pune city and from any builder developer. If this scheme is implemented in entire Maharashtra then with the support of this DRC slum dweller, not only in Pune City but throughout Maharashtra shall be in a position to buy ownership tenement of his own. Similarly, if such slum dweller gets tenement at a lesser price than the value of the DRC, he can utilise the balance amount for his profession or for uplifting his life style.

Under the newly proposed Slum Rehabilitation Scheme, a Developer (Building Professional) can also be practically benefitted. By allotting free of cost the tenement to the slum dweller having the value in consonance with the said DRC, he can sell the said DRC in the open market and fetch the value thereof at the market rate. Market value of the DRC is likely to be reduced since DRC in large scale shall become available in the market. Still however, out of the said DRC sufficient funds shall be available to the Developer and for him also this scheme shall become a practical one.

Original plot holder shall also be benefitted under the newly proposed slum rehabilitation scheme. On account of slums having been erected on various plots for years together, the said plot does not have any asset value for the original plot holder. However, on account of this scheme, slums on the said plots shall be removed and it shall become vacant and thereafter the Municipal Corporation can impose reservation on the said plot and in consideration of TDR therefor, it can take possession of the said plot. As a result thereof the original plot holder also shall get TDR in lieu of his entangled land and with the help of the said TDR can fetch the value thereof from the market.

Because of this scheme, the Municipal Corporation shall also get approximately 500 to 550 vacant plots in the city. In consideration thereof, the Municipal Corporation shall be required to grant TDR to the plot holder in consideration thereof and there shall be no requirement of monetary expenditure therefor. On the contrary approximately 500 to 550 of such plots shall come in possession of the Municipal Corporation whereby it can speed up its various development projects. At present Municipal Corporation does not have at its disposal land for parking, parks and play grounds. Availability of such lands in large scale shall help in solving various problems like parking etc.,

In Pune some 15 lac citizen live in slums meaning thereby that a minimum 3 lac familities live in slums. If the DRC is granted to them, some families may shift to their villages or other cities. Still however, there shall be a need to construct tenements for approximately two and half to two and three quarter lac families in Pune. Presently, on an average 50 thousand flats are constructed every year in Pune City. Due to the said scheme, building profession in the city shall get a boost and additional 3 lac flats shall be constructed. If this scheme is fully successful then in the ensuing 5 years Pune shall have a face lift. In a way this scheme shall mean a new revival for Pune City.

Municipal Councilor, Pune Municipal Corporation