About Aba Bagul

Name: Ulhas, Alias Aba Bagul
Age: 61 Years
Current Politicial Status: Sitting Corporator and Congress Party member, Pune
Tenure in Congress Party: 36 years
Tenure as PMC Corporator: Continues 26 years in succession

I Ulhas alis Aba Bagul grassroot Congress worker, started my political career as a youth Congress worker about 36 years ago. I am Congress Corporator for the past 26 years in the Pune Municipal Corporation. I was standing committee chairman in the PMC later on I was the Congress Group leader and the opposition leader in the PMC. I am a diehard Congress loyalist and that I have actively served the society through various initiatives over the past three decades. It is my pleasure that I have been contributing a great deal to the Pune city's development.

1000 Volunteer
9000 Supporters
8000 Problem Solved
2000 Project

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Smart Pune Program heading

CCTV Surveillance in Bagul Park

Bagul Park and Seven wonders park have been protected by CCTV cameras in the IP-CCTV camera.

Citizen Portal

Idea of a free 'cloud based citizen portal' has been conceived which will serve as a link for interaction, between elected representatives, administration and citizens.

Smart Dust Bin

Time and money saving,
Keep your city Clean

Mobile app

Interact with your corporator

Smart bus shed

Smart bus station, Smart DISPLAY concept

Free wifi

Free WiFi / Emergency alert call point

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Diwali Pahat

Mr. Aba Bagul organizes every year the program of the Diwali Pahat for the blind people.

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Christmas Eve

Mr. Aba Bagulhas been arranging Christmas celebrations for the last twelve years.

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Kashi Yatra

Mr. Aba Bagul took his mother, Mrs. Nalini Bagul, to Kashi yatra or pilgrimage. At that time, Mother felt that she could go as far because she could afford to go to Kashi. But what about those who cannot afford it?

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Navaratri Festival

In the cultural capital like Pune, Goddess Lakshmi Navaratri festival is celebrated with the initiative of Shri Aba Bagul. In this evet, many artists get an opportunity to present their art.

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स्मार्ट प्रभाग पुढाकार "एक छोटे , एक स्मार्ट सिटी दिशेने नागरिक आणि सज्जता सामील प्रयोग आहे. भविष्यात शहरात चांगले आरोग्य राखतात वाढविण्यासाठी एक चळवळ .
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